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In the world of Music Recording and Production, Sage Anthony has emerged as a Master Audio Engineer with a unique philosophy that fuses the best of the past and the future. His distinctive style that combines vintage and modern techniques seamlessly integrates vintage solid-state and tube electronics with modern digital technologies, resulting in a captivating sonic experience

Sage values the warmth vintage gear brings to recordings, offering an authentic feel. He also leverages the speed and flexibility of digital technologies for a streamlined workflow and innovative soundscapes. Sage recognizes the value of vintage electronics and microphones in adding desirable harmonic distortion to music. These components infuse recordings with a distinct warmth and character that harkens back to classic eras.


By incorporating elements from the past, Sage introduces a layer of authenticity that resonates with listeners. However, he doesn't limit himself to the confines of nostalgia. Sage is a firm believer in the advantages of modern digital tools. The efficiency and flexibility offered by these technologies grant him a faster workflow and expanded creative possibilities. The combination of vintage and modern allows Sage to strike a balance between tradition and innovation.

Sage's hybrid philosophy extends beyond sound quality and workflow enhancement. He embraces the potential of Dolby Atmos multichannel mixing, transforming his studio into a three-dimensional sound canvas. This immersive experience opens new avenues for artistic expression and listener engagement, showcasing Sage's forward-thinking mindset. With a history of mixing in top studios across Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Rome, Sage’s approach resonates with global audiences. He is certified in Waves, Avid, and Dante networking, underscoring his expertise.

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