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PREMIER MANAGEMENT                                    


At the heart of every successful tour lies the coordination and meticulous planning that Sage Anthony embodies. With a storied career spanning over two decades, Sage has mastered the art of Tour Management, transforming complex logistics into smoothly running itineraries that artists and crews can rely on.

Streamlined Tour & Production Management 

Sage's command of Master Tour, Microsoft Excel, and sophisticated booking and financial softwares forms the backbone of his methodical approach. These tools are not just aids but extensions of his strategic vision, allowing him to forecast, track, and manage every aspect of a tour with remarkable accuracy. 

Harmonizing Logistics with Expert Vendor Coordination

More than just managing schedules, Sage Anthony orchestrates an intricate dance of sound, lighting, staging, video and travel logistics, syncing every step with the rhythm of the tour. His expertise in selecting and contracting specialized vendors is unparalleled, ensuring that every concert benefits from the highest caliber of technical support. Every aspect is meticulously planned, and seen through to success.


Precision on the Move

Touring can be an unpredictable beast, managing the logistics of a multitude of personnel, trucks, buses and equipment.

Sage approaches these challenges with proactive strategy and responsiveness.  Sage's presence means that tours don’t just happen—they thrive under his watchful eye, ensuring that each performance is an impeccable reflection of the artist's vision. Sage's tours resonate with his signature of excellence, balancing proactive strategies and agile responses to the demands of live events. His oversight is your assurance of a tour that exceeds expectations at every turn.

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