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is an accomplished and highly skilled professional in the music and film production industries.


With extensive experience in audio, production direction, and management spanning over 20 years, Sage has established a strong reputation for his work with Grammy Award-winning artists across diverse music genres. His contributions have earned him international recognition and respect.

Renowned for his exceptional leadership, meticulous planning, and dedication to excellence, Sage is sought after for cinematic sets, studio recordings, festivals, exclusive private events, and international concert tours. As a director, he consistently exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting impact on every project he undertakes.


Sage's commitment to audio mixing, mastering, and engineering is evident in both studio recordings and live settings. Having mixed Front of House and IEM monitors for countless award-winning artists in renowned venues worldwide, his exceptional mixing skills have garnered widespread acclaim from producers and musicians alike, solidifying his esteemed position in the industry.


Currently, Sage is working on several projects that include Sound Re-Recording and Audio Post-Production mixing for independent films. Additionally, he serves as the Production Director and Audio Engineer for Grammy award-winning guitarist Buddy Guy.

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